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Dev » I cannot believe this is still here...hope life has been treating you well. Happy 2010 if you ever make it back in here to have a peek.
silverhump » Oh those blogs. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Oh well, I think of you lots, even if I no longer know what you're thinking about some of the time.
Dev » Wow it has been forever, just popping in to see how an old friend is doing. Hope you are doing well.
Cynthia Yu » Hi Chris! Just stopping by to say hello! Your photos are great! Hope you're doing well!
Carl » Greetings from Thailand!
Killerrabbits » Happy New Year Chris, I hope you all the best this year. Kate is in her 36th week of baby making very soon I think...Have a great year Sara..we'll meet sometime in the future. Good luck to both of you
rfox » Happy New Year to you both
Tim » hey chris and sara, have a happy new year. try to come to canada some time in 2007 so we can punch each others faces in, ahh? come on!
Love Mom » Merry Christmas from Parry Sound!
Ituloy angsulong » merry xmas