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Monday, December 18, 2006
Things I See Every Day, pt. 2.1

Just a short update on the last post - one of the two geckos who live under our coffee machine has decided that we're friendly, apparently. For the last couple of days, when I do something on the counter, he (?) just skitters back a few sticky paces and stares at me with cartoonishly bulging eyes. He waits until I go away, and then he comes back out to hunt for ants, rattle a dish or two and poop on something in the sink - none of which is a big deal for us, and it seems he now agrees - hiding's for suckers.

However...there's a fine line between brave and brash - this gecko crossed it yesterday. Sara was cutting up some lettuce for a salad, and the gecko darted out from under the coffee machine, grabbed a small mouthful of something from the midst of the lettuce and slither-scampered back into his lair.

I don't mind them living here, especially because they keep the insect population to a minimum...but when they start pilfering from our dinner, I have to put my foot down (not literally, of course). The 'HungryHungryHippo' routine has to be nipped in the bud, or we'll be faced with the same problem created by outdoor restaurants and the local birds. I don't want a herd (flock? gang? gaggle? murder?) of little Gummi lizards lined up in our kitchen, looking at me like they have every right to bites of my sandwich.

I don't know exactly what to do about a brazen gecko - any suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted at Monday, December 18, 2006 by chris

December 22, 2006   11:42 AM PST
Not sure what the cost of lettuce is in your local market-cart-hut-stand-corner...but I say you should start preparing a third place setting. If the gecko population increases a little, why you'll never need to buy poison again...just more lettuce.
December 22, 2006   08:47 AM PST
put out a little Gecko hotel near where he hangs out with food and all so he goes there and doesn't invade your territory or need more food, put up some gecko art inside it, make it comfy, a gecko sofa - I see Gecko "Cribs" in the future... "this is where I eat my flies and kick back and change colors..."
December 20, 2006   10:02 AM PST
The 'HungryHungryHippo' routine has to be nipped in the bud..
Maybe one of my favourite sentences to date.
Almost as good as "Think of it as a horse with wheels".
December 18, 2006   09:21 PM PST
kick its ass!

take it to court.

entice it with poisoned lettuce.

make it stay after class.

start making salads made with gravel and wood chips.
December 18, 2006   01:41 PM PST
It is time to reclaim your counter. You should merely show the gecko who is boss. When you see him on the counter, shoo him. It will at least work for a little bit until he realizes you aren't actually attempting geckocide.

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